Monday, February 9, 2009

TAG!'re it.

i had been tagged while i was gone, by the ever so talented Kelly Smith *i feel so special*
so 10 things i love and 10 things i love less, i think i have more hates than loves...

things i love...
1. good DESIGN whether it be fashion, graphic, interior etc.
2. my STUDIO it's my special room away from everyone.
3. watching GILMORE GIRLS i wish i lived in Stars Hollow.
4. SEWING it's quite soothing to me, except when i'm rushed to do something.
5. creative PHOTOGRAPHY i would love to art direct someday or even maybe take 
up fashion photography professionally. 
6. ART especially original illustration, it's so precious.
7. BAGS i realized i have quite a collection.
8. CUTE & QUIRKY things like ummm buttons?
9. my favourite things to eat are PIZZA & CHOCOLATE!

things i love less...
1. ONIONS (except for grilled onions on sausage sizzles) they're a waste of plate space.
2. new TECHNOLOGY for eg. phones that play music because on the bus there is always 5 different people playing different things at the highest volume. i really don't want to listen to your music!!!
3. annoying CUSTOMERS i have worked with them for 6 years now, and i've served too many of them!
4. i absolutely hate catching TRAINS there are so many jerks and perves especially during peak hour.
5. CROOKED LINES i'm a perfectionist.
6. people who don't do their WORK properly ie. the person who lost my parcel.
7. IMPATIENT & RUDE people.
8. TEENY BOPPERS, sorry, they really annoy me.
9. when people blow SMOKE in my face.

i will leave the last 2 spaces for when i think of something worthy...

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