Friday, February 6, 2009

i'm baaack....

Tagaytay, overlooking the volcano.

fireworks at Enchanted Kingdom.

at Alaminos, Pangasinan.

the beautiful girls next door.

the crazy roads.

this goes without saying, i have a new appreciation for my life here in Australia.


bluewasabi said...

awesome pics :D

welcome back ^____^
u just caught the end of our heat wave =___=

ctee said...

haha welcome back !
tafe is so awesome. I love it, so far but omgosh so expensive. haha i started on monday. shall i see you around the halls in building E/F ? :)

what are your classes like ? =O

ctee said...

yes we have the prettiest building it is so nice and so glad its its the closest to the station, i do 4 days and 28 hours ! it tis pretty hectic, but its so much fun. can you draw ? i cant. lol haha i have 'drawing the human figure' and two other subs tomorrow

do you have this crazy expensive list of equipment to get too ?