Sunday, August 31, 2008

my friend, the artist.

i've had a long and busy weekend. Saturday night we went to the city for my cousin's 24th, neither of us had gone clubbing for sooo long, and here's why.. we got to the place (not mentioning any names) at 10:30 on the dot, waited in the non-existent 'guest' line for 1 and a half hours in the sprinkling rain. we had never felt so unsafe waiting in line for a club like we did that night... a guy fell from the balcony just a couple of metres away from where we were standing, he did not move at all and there was a heap of blood trailing from his head. then not long after a bottle was thrown from the bridge above us, luckily missing the crowd. and to top the night off, the club was way too packed that the only moves you were making was each time you would get pushed by idiots trying to get through left, right and centre. possibly the worst night ever!

thank God for Sunday. woke up early the next morning to meet up with my lovely friend, Lexy. i became her first client by buying one of her beautiful artworks, she even gave me a small one for free =) i am in love with her work! did a little bargain shopping and then off to my bf's...
he loved walking around fabric shopping with his girlfriend, sister and mother, not. but it was fun for us!

on the last note, goodbye winter, hello spring...

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