Monday, August 25, 2008

how i love thee.

me and my other half just celebrated our 3 years together. last Sunday i was eagerly wanting to find me warrior shoes - i have been searching for quite sometime now. they made their way into fashion last year, but now they're everywhere! 
this was the first shopping trip my turdle companion didn't complain, all because he found the perfect pair of Nike kicks for himself. so we both went home happy!


vipgal said...

I am LOVING the shoes! I saw a black version on somebody on the bus today and I fought the urge to ask the lady where she got it from

so where did you get your warrior shoes?? XD lol

maie maie said...

funny u say the word Urge, coz that's the name of the brand!
they're from Glue, but i never saw black ones =s

vipgal said...

thank you! ooooohh Urge ok i shall go check it out.. the shoes the lady on the bus was wearing must have been a different brand xx