Saturday, September 28, 2013

my art is the love of my life.

i don’t even know how to start this post. i drew out a reasonable list of things i wanted to achieve in the next year and in just the past couple of weeks the universe has decided to throw a bunch of goodies my way. overwhelming to say the least. it makes all the down falls worth riding.

it started with back to back fashion shoots with my favourite photographer friend, Rhys Votano and an overdue collaboration with my mentor Ethan Mann.  come Thursday i booked my trip to Vietnam for February to get our next exhibition preparations rolling. and then on the same night got offered an amazing styling gig by a man whom i’ve looked up to since working for DJ’s, Dale McKie.

rewind back to Thursday day… he comes into my life. it’s been just over a week and i still can’t get my head around it. he’s not perfect, but he’s pretty much what i asked for in a man. the thing is, life is crazy busy to have a partner right now, but having him around feels right. i would half jokingly say that i couldn’t wait to hold hands with him, and now here we are doing just that. 

i love that you love pizza. it makes my world that much better. you make me extremely happy. welcome to the crazy world of Maie xxx

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