Monday, July 15, 2013

you are here.

sadly this trip didn’t bring me much inspiration artistically the way last year’s trip did. but that soul searching bullshit everyone is on about, i guess this was that…

i didn’t take as many photographs as i anticipated, seeing that i bought a new toy camera specifically for this reason. but the experiences i had on this holiday are archived for life. a quick rundown of the happenings from the past three weeks, in no particular order.
revisited my favourite shopping spots in Tokyo. dyed my hair three times in a span of a week. got told that i 'had game' by a Harvard law student. i don't know what that means but... thank you? classily knocked over a glass of wine at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen restaurant. got my tourist picture taken by some randoms, sitting next to a dude passed out on the bench, who had way too many hand grenades (i wish i had this photo). got a homeboy's name tattooed on my arm. i didn't really, but we're sticking with that story. podium danced to One Direction in Shibuya. left my friend at a club on Bourbon St with random guys, sooked about it for a day and then somehow became even closer. and whatever happened in Amsterdam, was inevitable. but the highlight of this trip would probably be celebrating what would have been my friends 29th birthday, with an awesome circle of people he left behind. Andrew, this trip was solely for you. your girl doesn’t realise it yet, but she is one strong woman.

we're on the home stretch now. coming back to freezing Sydney. i can't wait...

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