Saturday, April 27, 2013

preparing for twenty eight.

second week in and most of my boxes are unpacked. scribbles in sketchbooks are accumulating,  sewing machine plugged in, and studio set. we've befriended the locals on our strip and have become regulars at the cafe next door. the inner west has that sense of aspiration in the air that was lacking in the west. but don't get me wrong, i've been missing home like crazy. i am so far from my safety net and i feel people are already awaiting failure. it's this misconception of happiness and succes that baffles me with some people. i've been having alot of impromptu catch ups with friends, and their perceptions of my life and expectations of where i should be in life have been a little more than disheartening. here's the thing about me, i am a simple creature. the images i post don't portray a fancy life, they're my everyday objects in my everyday life. and you should already know that i see things differently. to me, the ugliest things in life have the most potential of being a work of art. take this as a metaphor or take it as it is. people need to analyse their own lives before they let me know how to live mine. i had an old man who i say hello to everyday at work ask me, "how do you keep a smile on your face everyday? you're always so happy."i actually don't know the answer to that question, it seems to be my only facial expression. even i don't know how i feel sometimes. but right now i'm happy daydreaming and getting back into the swing of things with my art and designing. so the moral of the story is, i've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one. think about it.

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