Friday, October 5, 2012

day before yesterday.

thirty-two days roaming, five pit stops, one big earth. twelve familiar faces, a handful of new homies, two comedy acts, one game of buffalo. seven galleries, thousands of masterpieces, a big appreciation for art and design. hundreds of bloggers, one Sartorialist. three Aussie artists, one iconic venue. miles traveled, memories captured, Mona Lisa sited, much more to discover. a full memory card of inspiration, endless possibilities, a string of thoughts to sort through, but one very happy Maie who said she could...

i left a trace of black around the world, my way of saying thanks for having me, and i'll be back one day!
my black satchel in the streets of Hamadayama, Tokyo (next to a vending machine) | my ten year old Docs along the curbs of Brixton, London | a sketch for the lovely Frenchie who welcomed us into her home at the Latin Quarter, Paris | my bandana on a bench at Bryant Park, New York | and my art attack blazer on the balcony of Adelaide Hostel, San Francisco.

as amazing as this world is, after seeing all the different cultures, fashion and sites it has to offer, i'm more than happy to come back home to beautiful Sydney. so many people wish they could do what we just did. and there's no reason why they can't. living and working here, we have so much freedom compared to the rest of the world. the inspiration tour doesn't end here. i've caught the travel bug now :)


Loz in Transit said...

After reading this, I just came up with a new phrase. "You travel buggin". Feel free to use it ;)

maie maie said...

haahahah, "duuuuude! you travel buggin'? i love it! :)