Tuesday, September 6, 2011

where the wild kids are.

the first batch of photos are up for the looking. and can i say, out of all the shoots i've been involved with, this would be one of my faves. the creative juices were flowing all day long. 
Rhys and I had been speaking of this collaboration for a few months beforehand, and we literally gathered a team in less than a week prior to the set date. this idea came about once upon a time at a house party i tagged along to. i had met the birthday boy (Rhys) just that night, with me only knowing that this dude was really into his art, photography and extra curricular activities. the first thing he showed me were these branches he turned into headpieces and spoke of all these ideas he had for a shoot. a couple more months down the track, one thing led to another and we began to speak more about collaborating on a project together. with his artistic direction and photography skills, and my awesomeness, we would do mad damage to this industry. get a taste of whats to come... here.

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