Saturday, April 23, 2011

drawing lines.

today i was faced with the questions, "what makes this design better than everything else out there / why would you pay that much for a garment?". now if i'm going to continue trying to be a designer, i really should be able to answer this. having time to gather my words together, i have come up with this conclusion...

i don't think people realize that all this fast fashion came from the drawing boards of creative geniuses. these ideas are picked up from runways, emulated by smaller labels and then falls into the saturation stage which makes it real affordable for the general public. although there is no such thing as an 'original idea', designers gain their credibility by coming up with new concepts, wearable or not. so just when you think you're being different by wearing something so far from what the models are wearing, think again, that piece probably came off the catwalk four seasons ago. there's a scene in The Devil Wears Prada that best portrays this exact situation. 
there's nothing wrong with buying cheaper versions of designer clothes, you'd be dumb not to. but for me, paying more for an original design is doing my bit for the industry. everyone has their own taste in clothing, or at least everyone thinks they do. a good design isn't determined by the label, the price, nor who wears it. it has alot to do with getting a good balance of all the design principles. it's easy to pick up a garment, look at the price tag and not understand why one would pay that much. but i think once you know all the work that is put into just one piece of clothing, you'll have so much more appreciation for fashion. 
so to answer my friend's question (and many others that don't quite see it), "what's so good about Dion Lee?". his pattern making skills are admirable, the construction of these garments are so precise, and he has the ability and knowledge to sew these visions into life. and having had the opportunity to be backstage and dress at his RAFW debut and see him work, he's actually quite a nice person.  

this is the hard part about trying to break into the Sydney market, our wardrobes are dictated by what everyone else wears and what people are actually willing to pay. obviously not everyone is educated about this artsy fartsy jargon, like how i know nothing about business people stuff. but i guess this is why i'm blogging, to teach you the little that i know. "i am so smart. s-m-r-t...

so don't hate. appreciate =)

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