Saturday, November 20, 2010

reb'l fleur.

thanks to my special friend i now own this pretty looking cd. i do love this look on Rihanna, the soft feminine styling and red colour wash of the photography 
for the album promo is superb. two thumbs up on the Raggedy-Anne hair do, reminiscent of Chuck B-more really, i think that's why i like it so much.


Linda Pochinda said...

to be honest i've never liked Rihannas music - in my ears she's singing with her nose.haha. Anyway I got so much respect for her when I heard a interview about her and her relationship with Chris Brown. but yeah. though, I can't deny that she sure look bautiful on those picture! they are gorgouse!

maie maie said...

i totally agree! i don't own any of her previous albums. i wanted this cd solely for the images hahahah! but i find the tracks liberating. it's my post break up soundtrack! woot!