Wednesday, August 18, 2010

dear Melbourne...

 were nothing less than inspirational. 
everything about the city was amazing and beautiful to me (even your crazy weather). i did get a little trigger happy taking photos of things high and low. the trip was for both work and play. i got to visit the lovely girls at Design A Space, it's quite a nifty little lane where the store is situated. make sure you come down and visit if you're in town, it may be the last month of trade for Maiden. i'm still contemplating on signing up for another 3 months. Saturday, we were up real early for the shoot with the Pocketto girls. a dynamic duo! i'll post more about that later when i get some shots. ate lots and also slept quite abit after hours of walking. 
when i get the chance, i will definitely be visiting you again. i already miss you!

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