Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"i can transform ya...

it seems that buying cd's have been a thing of the past, which is a shame because having a collection of cd's was the coolest thing back in the day! there hasn't been many new acts that have really caught my attention, which is mostly due to the fact that i still live in the 90's. but CB's latest album titled "Graffiti" is pretty damn good! it has not had the media attention it deserves, so i will make my own recommendation. the deluxe edition offers 20 songs on the record, stand out song for me would have to be track 11: Lucky Me. the whole Rihanna ordeal has somewhat humbled this young man, and created a better songwriter. other stand outs include : I.Y.A, I Need This, Famous Girl and heaps more! (these are just the songs that have been playing on repeat!). go get yourself a copy, i dare ya! i know it's a bit teeny boppy, but it's that good. i wouldn't be admitting it if it wasn't!

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