Friday, January 15, 2010

give and take.

enter 2010: i'm excited to let you know that Maiden will be joining forces with another creative (Miranda Kerr's stylist for David Jones) for some kind of project that has definitely made us both really anxious to get the product to the streets. although it's only early days and we are just in our planning process, i have a really good feeling about this collaboration. it's a wonder why we didn't put our heads together earlier?!  

we are most likely going to do this independently so i've come up with an online store blog to raise abit of moolah to fund this addiction of ours. we have set up theLOST&FOUND to house bits and pieces we no longer need, giving them the chance to be taken into a new loving home. 

please do visit them. xx

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laurensplaypen said...

Love "Lost and Found". What a great idea!! I love the pictures. What camera do you use? Am saving up for an SLR.