Monday, November 23, 2009

hooray for TAFE.

i am nearing the end of my studies here at the Fashion Design Studio. we have our major brand proposal due tomorrow, which we have to present in front of a panel of teachers. i'll let you know how it goes at the end of the day.

right now i want to acknowledge TAFE and mention some names...
if you didn't already know, the Fashion Design Studio has given birth to some of Australia's most talented and exciting designers such as Akira, Alex Perry, Romance Was Born and Dion Lee. unfortunately i have decided not to continue onto diploma next year, but i hope to see my fellow classmates on the runway someday (especially my kiddies Dom & Annelise). i have had the coolest bunch of teachers, they have each passed on to us some wise words about the industry and plenty of contacts. most of them have actually had their own label back in the day, but have now moved onto other things in the industry.
Fifi, my illustration teacher is the illustrator at Collette Dinnigan
Haitham Almaan, my photography teacher who also studied at TAFE way back, began as a model, had his own label and now photographs beautiful people.
and then there's Andrea Cainero who we've had for a few subjects, also had her own label after graduating as one of the top talents at TAFE, and now is the stylist for Empire of the Sun.

people often underestimate the education at TAFE, but the Fashion Design Studio is very highly recognised in the industry. so to all of you wanting to study fashion, TAFE is the way to go! almost every fashion house i've done work experience for has had a design assistant who graduated from TAFE. and if i didn't decide to study fashion this year, i would never have had the chance to do work placement for Zambelli, Carla Zampatti, Minty Meets Munt and Collette Dinnigan. hmm i've met two top Australian designers, how cool is that!

now wish me luck for tomorrow....

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tine said...

nice closing statement. good luck with your work/career, stay true and be resilient, and more life.

See you down the pipes