Friday, August 28, 2009

a hard day's work in the industry.

Minty Meets Munt.

Carla Zampatti.

oh i haven't updated on how work experience has been going... well i had my last shift at Carla's last week (i think) because i got offered another placement with Minty Meets Munt, down off Oxford St. funky little place that is. i do miss the peeps at Carla Zampatti tho, i got alot of hands on experience with production. but the girls at Minty are fabulous it's such a cosey place to be, everyone's super nice there too! i have only 8 more hours to go for my placement, which is kind of a relief because i need that extra time for my major assessment. my brand proposal is underway, waaah not long to go till i finish my course wooh!


Vanessa said...

An early congratulations to you! =)

maie maie said...

hahahah i haven't graduated yet... i wouldn't want to jinx it! but thanks!! =D