Thursday, January 1, 2009

i lie...

... i still have a couple of days till we leave for our first ever family vacation back home, that means i have time for a few more blogs, right? and here's a crown i made last night while waiting for the guys to finish their FIFA game, my friend has an incredible collection of arts & crafts nifties! 
2009 will be a great year, well at least i'm hoping it to be. i never really do the whole New Years resolution thing, but right now i kind of want to.

so here's my list...
Maie's New Year's Resolutions:
- be more creative! you can never have too much creative juices flowing around.
- invest in some new (or old) photo-taking devices. i really should make use of the polaroid camera i "borrowed" from my friend.
- be kinder to my better half, he deserves it.
- and do something to my hair - i think i say this every year (but never do anything about it)

what are your New Year's resolutions?

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