Saturday, October 4, 2008

label me Maiden.

yesterday 'Lucy & Raul' booked in a spot for Glebe markets, hooray! i dragged my little turdle along for the ride. i also got my neck labels printed out, thanks to REN. and today i tried them on for size.

today i got a message from a 'fan' on my Chictopia profile, it actually made my day. my dreams are inspiring other people to pursue their own dreams, which is quite humbling. love all around =)  


Anonymous said...

Hey babe you got your labels done YAY!
They look awesome!

maie maie said...

woo hoo thanks!
i hope they're washable heheheh!

bluewasabi said...

eee.. glebe markets?? i missed out :(

maie maie said...

no no it hasn't happened yet, it's on November 1st, sorry who is bluewasabi?

Amanda Chita Nadya said...

I really love the labels :)
YAY!! congrats bub, x

maie maie said...

teynks chicken!!!
watch out for that label, i huuurd it's awesome! hahahaha

bluewasabi said...

heyy i saw your work from chictopia before i checked out your blog :)

good to see a fellow aussie as well.. loved some of your pieces :D

will try to check it out in glebe markets

maie maie said...

that's awesome! add me on chictopia pls!
i don't know if these msgs get sent to u.
yeah Aussie designers are awesome!
thanks again babe!