Sunday, September 28, 2008

the best of Balmain.

so back to blogging about my wonderful day yesterday at the shoot...

my ever so kind entourage took me all the way to the location even though they were tired and sleepy from the night before, thanks guys!! i was so excited to meet Victoria, who i met thru the wonderful world of ModePass. 

today's role check:
Photographer; Victoria Rika-Heke
Model; Tara Hurster
Designer & Stylist; Maie Dionisio
Hair & Make-Up; Stephanie Sweetman
Assistant; Julie Zhu

we were lucky enough to get some beautiful natural lighting coming thru the studio, Tara looked like a goddess in the middle of it all. my most favourite shoot of the day was probably the 'studio clutter' one. in the pink Maiden dress accompanied by the thrifted boots, gloves and hat Victoria found at her local op shop. absolutely divine!

i think Tara had the most fun with the last scene, with her Madame outfit. Victoria got her down and dirty, as well as jumping around everywhere. we didn't get to do the teal outfit in the lounge room scene because we ran out of time. but all in all the day was a success. i can't wait for the end result!...

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vipgal said...

Hi Maie!

This is Julie from the photoshoot from last Sunday.. i found my way here from your modepass page =)

I just dropped by to say hi..i must say - again - hehhee that your designs are gorgeous!!

I can't wait to see the photos from the photoshoot everything was so nice!

anywaay i better get going now.. keep in touch! bye xx